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What’s To Come In Digital Marketing? cred Clients Share Their Answers!

Last night, cred and The Commonwealth Club hosted an expert panel discussing what’s to come in the future of digital marketing. Panelists included Ming B. Wu, CRO of MightyHive, Nikesh Desai, CEO of InvestingChannel, Mason Garrity, VP Strategy of 3QDigital, while CPO of LiveRamp, Anneka Gupta, moderated the conversation.

What were the hot topics? The evening’s conversation circled around the past, present and future of marketing, issues around data privacy/intent, and the changing role of the CMO. The panelists agreed that data has become more vital in the conversation: from targeting audiences and understanding their mindsets, to driving content creation itself.

Who are the ones to watch? While Google and Facebook are dominating the space, panelists agreed that Amazon is a key player to watch. “Amazon is very well positioned; if you think about all the data they have, they have a ton of different ad formats they can use. They’re one of the companies that can challenge Google in the search domain as 50% of commercial searches are happening on Amazon.” -  Mason Garrity, VP Strategy of 3QDigital

What’s to come in the next 5 years? Machine learning will likely continue to bombard the market with advancements. As it becomes more integrated, panelists agreed we’ll see marketing become more predictive, rather than reactive, with more ads seamlessly integrated to enhance the consumer experience. Younger generations will also likely grow up interacting with other mediums and realities, so marketers will need to keep a watchful eye on AR/VR to connect with consumers wherever they are.

The panel in its entirety is now available for download via The Commonwealth National Podcast.

3 Take-Aways From The Digital Growth Summit

May 20th, 2016 - Sunnyvale, CA


Last Friday, cred attended Digital Growth Summit, hosted by MediaLeaders at the Silicon Valley Moffett Towers in Sunnyvale, CA. It was an intimate event, with 35 Digital Leaders from Facebook, Lending Club, Sprinklr, Visa and more discussing tips and tricks, actionable takeaways and real-use cases over the course of 10 compelling themes.

We noticed three key themes prominent in the discussions around Digital Marketing:

1. Make your organization customer-focused. In discussing CRM Best Practices, LiveRamp’s Lindsay Chastain, stressed the importance of making your of data standardization in order to deploy a CRM strategy successfully.

2. Create content that audiences want to consume. Highlighting Instagram and Snapchat, the panelists highlighted the importance of useful content:

3. Be authentic. Be your own toughest critic. While sharing Influencer Campaign Best Practices, Oliver Roup of VigLink emphasized authenticity in campaigns and why companies need to keep content standards high. It can take just one post that feels inauthentic, for instance, a product placement, to drive audiences away.


About MediaLeaders

MediaLeaders hosts Digital Growth Summit events that unite thousands of marketing, advertising and technology professional in LA and San Francisco. From these events, the MediaLeaders team stays on the bleeding edge of word-of-mouth marketing and they use this as their “secret sauce” to coach clients and advise brands on how to connect with their customers.