Founder & CEO

Amanda Kahlow is passionate about bringing the power of predictive marketing and sales intelligence to B2B enterprise and mid-market companies. Amanda makes 6sense customers’ needs a priority, applying her proven aptitude for relationship building and sales.

6sense predicts who will buy what products when and where they are in the buyer's journey enabling competitive dominance in brands' markets. The company's predictive intelligence platform helps B2B marketing and sales leaders uncover net-new, in-market prospects based on powerful data science and billions of time-sensitive intent interactions.


1. Position Amanda as a female leader and the face of the 6sense brand

2. Educate Technology & Enterprise industries around predictive intelligence

3. Target CMOs of large B2B companies

speaking platform.

the future of predictive intelligence

How do you find the signal IN B2B NOISE? 

The rise of female CEOs & founders


speaking opportunities secured

Watermark Conference for Women: 2017

Women4Tech at Mobile World Congress Americas: 2017

VentureBeat Summit: 2017

Mobile World Congress Americas: 2017


LeadsCon NY: 2017


World Woman Summit: 2017

MarketingProfs B2B Forum: 2017

SVAMA: 2017

Uncharted Minds: Women CEOs in Silicon Valley: 2017

Strata + Hadoop World: 2017

Global Predictive Analytics Conference: 2017

TechDay Access: 2017

Conversion Conference: 2017

TDWI Accelerate: 2017

Content2Conversion: 2017

IBM Insight: 2016

Pioneer Summit: 2016

B2B LeadsCon: 2016

Harvest Summit: 2016

Work Awesome: 2016

Data Science Summit: 2016

B2B Summit: 2016

ITSMA Marketing Vision: 2016

WITI: Women in Technology Summit: 2016

WomanCon: 2016 

Digital Growth Summit: 2016

B2B Marketing Summit: 2016

ITSMA Marketing Leadership Forum & Marketing Vision: 2016

Applied AI: 2016

Base CRM's Forecast Conference: 2016

Global Predictive Analytics Conference: 2016

RampUp: 2016

SURGE: 2016

Product Hunt AMA Chat: 2016

Commonwealth Club of California: 2016

Data By The Bay: 2016

Big Omaha: 2016

General Assembly #OFFCAMPUS & Female Founders: 2016

Wonder Women Tech: 2016

Bowery Capital CMO Summit: 2016

State of Cloud Analytics MeetUp: 2016

RISE Conference: 2016

 Silicon Beach Fest: 2016

and counting...