Foundation Capital believes that with the right support, one entrepreneur's idea can change the world. Made up of former entrepreneurs who set out to create the type of firm they wanted as founders, this forward-thinking team of VCs has helped companies like Lending Club, Sunrun, Kik, Netflix, among many others.

cred currently works across multiple Partners across the firm to demonstrate the   :


Ashu Garg, General Partner

Paul Holland, General Partner

Charles Modow, General Partner

Steve Vassallo, General Partner

Joanne Chen, Partner

Jonathan Ehrlich, Partner

Rodolfo Gonzales, Partner

Zach Noorani, Partner


Position Foundation Capital as a top VC firm in the Silicon Valley

Establish speakers as thought leaders in their respective areas (VR, Fintech, etc.)

Educate entrepreneurs on the challenges and opportunities of building a business

speaking platform.

THE Decade of the CMO

The Global Shift to SaaS

The Startup Challenge: Being Successful Short-TERM and Long-Term

The Future of TV


speaking opportunities secured

Augmented World Expo: 2017

SaaStr Annual: 2017

CEC Capital Summit: 2017

Content Marketing World: 2017

Creative Tech Week: 2017

MobileBeat: 2017

Money20/20: 2017

NAB Show: 2017

Northside Innovation Festival: 2017

RampUp: 2017

Design Driven NY: 2017

Stanford Igniters: 2017

NewCo Bay Area: 2017

Future of Money & Technology Summit: 2017

SF Design Week: 2017

Marketing Leadership Forum: 2017

RetailLoco @ SXSW: 2017

SaaStr Podcast: 2017

Service Design Network: 2017


Cusp Conference: 2017

ITSMA Marketing Vision: 2017

Startup Grind SF: 2017

Bits & Pretzels Founders Festival: 2017

State of Digital Money: 2017

SuperReturn West: 2017

VidCon: 2017

CES @ Digital Hollywood: 2017

VideoNuze: 2016

TiEcon: 2016

TechInMotion: 2016

Nex Gen Cloud Conference: 2016

Venture Alpha West: 2016

Pioneer Summit: 2016

SHIFT / Programmatic Video & TV Advertising Summit: 2016

Silicon Beach Fest: 2016

Inbound: 2016

and counting...