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Chief Analytics Officer

Matt Marolda is the Chief Analytics Officer at Legendary Entertainment. Matt is responsible for forming and executing Legendary’s Applied Analytics division, which uses data and analytics to drive strategic decisions across all aspects of the company. Matt’s team is charged with ensuring motion picture releases from Legendary like Godzilla, Jurassic World, and The Hangover get the most out of every marketing dollar spent. 

Matt's zest for speaking lies in Hollywood’s use of data and analytics to promote blockbusters like Warcraft, Krampus, Fastball, and more. 


Promote Legendary Entertainment as a pioneer for marketing data and analytics

Position Matt as a trusted and respected thought leader in Entertainment

Elevate brand recognition of Legendary Entertainment and recruit likeminded talent


speaking platform.

Disrupting Hollywood with DATA & Analytics

What’s NeXt: A look into the FUTURE OF ENTERTAINMENT



opportunities secured. 

Hollywood IT Society Spring: 2017

&Then Conference: 2017

eTail East: 2017

CEC Capital Summit: 2017

Chief Analytics Officer Forum: 2017

Incite Marketing Summit: 2017

The Sport Business Summit: 2017

MMS @ Advertising Week: 2017

Rutberg Summit London: 2017

MMS @ Mobile World Congress: 2017

MarTech SF: 2017

RampUp: 2017

Modern Marketing Summit LA: 2017

&Then: 2016

New York Media Festival: 2016

and counting...