Chief Executive Officer

Promise Phelon successfully founded and led companies in Silicon Valley for over a decade, before relocating to Boulder to become CEO of TapInfluence. Since joining TapInfluence, a high-growth technology company specializing in influencer marketing, Promise has redefined the business from managed services to SaaS, closed a Series B ($14M) and is evolving how businesses get heard by consumers.

Prior to TapInfluence, Promise served as Chief Revenue Officer of the Resumator, CEO of The Phelon Group, and CEO of UpMo, an enterprise talent management SaaS system.


"When the struggle is most real, the answer is not motivation but discipline."

Promise Phelon


1. Position TapInfluence as the industry leader in influencer marketing automation.

2. Establish thought leadership and demonstrate the value of influencers to Fortune 1000 companies.

3. Be a figure for entrepreneurs by sharing candid challenges faced and lessons learned.

speaking platform.

 Why The Stars Of YouTube, Instagram & Twitter Are Today’s Game-Changers

Venture-Backed CEO: Lessons Learned Inside and Outside of Silicon Valley

Perks vs Culture: The Ping Pong Table Fallacy



speaking opportunities secured

FIPP Digital Innovators' Summit: 2017

Women of Color Leadership Forum: 2017

Social Media Week Chicago: 2017

Advocamp: 2017


SaaStr Annual: 2017

SaaStock: 2017

SaaStr Podcast: 2017

Digital Innovators' Summit: 2017

Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast: 2017

SIIA Digital Marketing Boot Camp Series NY: 2017


Breaking Glass Forums: 2017

Social Media Strategies Summit NY: 2017

Conversion Conference: 2017

Business of Software: 2016


Entrepreneur's Accelerate Your Business: 2016

Denver Startup Week: 2016

Big Omaha: 2016

Womancon: 2016

Digital Growth Summit: 2016

Uncharted Minds: 2016

ANA/BAA Shopper Marketing: 2016

Women of Color Leadership Conference: 2016

Tech Inclusion Conference: 2016

Salesforce Dinner: 2016

Commonwealth Club: 2016

and counting...