our values

own the stage.

share the mic.

speak your truth.

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Be bold, be a contributor. Set the bar high for ourselves and others.


We all have a voice. We trust ourselves, each other, and the company and are encouraged to speak our minds.


We win together and lose together. Our success depends on our ability to collaborate effectively with each other, our Clients, and our Event Partners.

benefits & perks.

Great people deserve great benefits. Here are just a few ways we look after our team and create a positive work environment.

hiring process.

We strive for a clear, simple, transparent, and efficient hiring process to ensure cred is the right fit for you.

  1. initial call – We're excited to hear about your interest in cred! First calls are always over video (Google Hangouts) and we'll chat about your interest in the role, experiences, and background.

  2. credProject – From Interns to Managers, every employee at cred has completed this project. Designed to mimic the role you’re applying to, this project gives a sense of what the day-to-day tasks would be. This gives us the opportunity to peek into your thought process and ask questions in our next round of interviews. Great projects go above and beyond the requirements and incorporate some of your personality!

  3. onsite @ credHQ – The next step is to come to our SF office and meet the team. These interviews typically run about 2-3 hours, and will include either coffee or lunch. You'll have the opportunity to meet with people from both our speaking and events management teams. This is also a great opportunity for you to get a sense of the people, culture, and structure of the teams at cred.

  4. your offer – Our goal is to always get back to every candidate as quickly as possible, regardless of the outcome. If we're making an offer, you'll receive a call from your direct manager and details of our offer letter.

  5. getting started – Once everything is signed, sealed, delivered, we’ll reach out to get the onboarding process started!


want to work with us?