anastasia hardin

senior associate

Anastasia has a global public relations, political, and marketing background with experience managing major events. Anastasia has worked with diverse corporate, political, nonprofit, and startup teams in Australia, Germany and the United States.  She calls Sacramento, California home.

candid questions with anastasia:

What's your favorite song at the moment?          
Rahh! By Pepa Knight puts an instant smile on my face.

Looking at life to this point, what's something you're really proud of?
Moving to Australia, navigating their political system, and starting a business out there.

Brave enough to share an embarrassing nickname? 
Not really embarrassing, but my grandpa used to call me Minki and it caught on. For awhile I thought it was a Russian nickname - but - it’s actually from one of the Pink Panther movies.

What do you like about life at cred?
The people + working with fascinating speakers in different industries!

industries of focus: advocacy, blockchain, digital media, policy/regulation, retail, social good, startups