kelsey piva


Kelsey has 5 years of work, academic, and volunteer experience in domestic and international development. She taught in inner city New York, led gender equality efforts in Tajikistan, and briefed Russian policy-makers on tech trends in higher education. After traveling across the United States empowering emerging leaders as a consultant with Gamma Phi Beta, Kelsey joined cred to connect her passion for thought leadership and storytelling!

candid questions with kelsey: 

What is a fun fact about yourself?
I trained at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow, Russia and performed at the Kennedy Center!

One event I would love to coordinate/be involved in:
The Human Rights Foundation’s Oslo Freedom Forum

If you were a professional speaker, and given the freedom to talk about anything, what would it be?
Cultural Diplomacy - I love exploring how ideas can drive global change and dialogue! 

Do you have a spirit animal?
Goats! I strive to approach challenges much like goats scale a mountainside  - jumping from rock to rock, never doubting they will catch themselves.

industries of focus: philanthropic retail, venture capitalism, cyber security