candace rucker


Candace graduated form UC Irvine with a degree in Psychology and wanted to use it to elevate the best business tactics of being successful. Prior to working at cred she was the Program Advisor of the Fully Employed MBA Program at UC Irvine. While at UC Irvine she developed a student informational podcast and found her passion for creative writing and marketing.

candid questions with candace: 

What’s your favorite thing to talk about?
I love to talk about fun and interesting things I've experienced in my past, food (mainly cheese), and animals.

What event are you dying to check out one day?
I would die to go to the Women's World Cup Finals game.

How do you like to spend your weekends?
I enjoy staying in bed or in the house in general. Once in a while it's nice to get out and try new restaurants but I like to bum around in my house.

It’s karaoke time! What song do you choose?
Sunday Candy by Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment

Never have I ever:
Walked the Golden Gate Bridge

industries of focus: sustainability, aviation, neuroscience, and women in leadership