Reflection: My Time as a cred Intern


From working at Greenbrier’s Crisis Con to pitching clients for top tech events, our fall intern Helen Matt was an essential part of the cred team. During her time here, she worked behind the scenes assisting with the planning of several events and securing some great wins for our clients. Don’t just take our word for it—check out what Helen had to say about her five months as an intern at cred:

cred: Describe a typical day in the life of a cred Intern.

Helen Matt: My days are usually filled with a wide variety of projects! I really appreciate that I had the chance to see all aspects of the company, from the speaking side to the events side and social media/website strategy.

cred: What was one of your favorite projects that you got to tackle?

HM: When I first started, I was introduced to NGP Capital’s World of Connections conference planning and I worked on it up to the day of the conference. When it finally all came together and I got to see my work pay off, it was so rewarding!

cred: What was one thing that surprised you about working at cred?

HM: I was really surprised to see how much goes on behind the scenes when securing speaking opportunities! From the initial outreach to keeping relationships with event organizers, the whole process is very calculated and requires a lot of hard work!

cred: Biggest takeaway?

HM: With any small company/startup, the work everyone does on a daily basis REALLY matters (even if you’re an intern!). It is really important to stay organized to finish all of your projects on time.

cred: What do you think makes a successful intern?

HM: An internship is all about learning. To get the most out of your experience, I think you should be open to projects from all sides of the company to find out what you do/don’t like. I also think it’s important to take initiative and spearhead tasks that need to be completed instead of waiting for someone to tell you to start.

cred: What’s one thing you’ll miss about cred?

HM: The people, of course! The company culture is awesome and everyone is so nice and supportive. They definitely made the Ohio to San Francisco transition very smooth.

cred: What event was your favorite?

HM: Again, it would have to be NGP. Seeing an event come together after months of work is so rewarding!

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Introducing credSac!

credSac .png

Sacramento: the farm-to-fork capital, home of Lady Bird and, now, the location of cred’s second office! We opened the doors to our first location outside the Bay Area in late October at CoWo Campus, a coworking space for entrepreneurs and creatives alike. With a lots of natural light, a spacious private office, and flexible community space, credSac’s ready to get some more inspiring speakers onstage!

Senior associate (and Sacramento native!) Anastasia, led our expansion by touring various coworking spaces on the grid and helping hire two more PR pros to join the family—Arianne Ortegaray and Claire Nobles. She also teamed up with CEO Caitlin and Managing Director Stephanie to furnish and decorate the new space. . .and most importantly, to test all of Ikea’s desk chairs to find the comfiest ones.

In case you’re not familiar with Sactown, we asked our credSac team to share their favorite parts of working and living in the state capital:

Claire, Coordinator
The people here make this city feel like a small town—everyone’s super friendly, and there are tons of startups that call Sacramento home. Also, love the craft beer here. There are over 60 breweries in the area and seems like new ones pop up every day.

Arianne, Associate
I’m new to Sacramento, so everyday I feel like I get to discover something new about the city! There’s a lot of cute little neighborhoods with new restaurants, bars, and coffee shops popping up all the time. It’s also close to different national parks, which makes it easy to spend weekends exploring the outdoors.

Anastasia, Senior Associate
Sacramento is my hometown so I may be a little biased - but I’ve lived all over the US and the world (Germany, Australia, New York, Florida, Ohio, Massachusetts, etc.) and it’s really one of my favorite places. #1 thing I’d call out is our system of river trails—for those who love to get outside for walks, runs or bike rides - this town is for you.


Meet cred’s Fall Intern


The cred intern program is not your average internship! We don’t ask you to fetch the coffee, run errands, or take our snack orders. Instead, we ask you to help plan events for some of the biggest brands and thought leaders in the industry, pitch clients for some of tech’s biggest events, and so much more.

What does it take to be an intern at cred? You need to be a rising student in your senior year of university, love a fast-paced environment, be enthusiastic about all things PR and events, and have a proactive attitude.

So, who has met all of these requirements? Meet Helen Matt, our cred intern this fall. Here are some quick facts about Helen:


cred: Where are you going to school and what are you studying? Why did you choose to study that subject?

Helen Matt: I’m going to Miami University studying Interactive Media Studies! It is a mixture between business, communications, and design in media so it encompases everything that I wanted to study all in one!

cred: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

HM: I’m from Cincinnati, Ohio. My dogs are big mops with dreadlocks. I’m a little obsessed with true crime Netflix documentaries, and I am my happiest when I’m laughing with my closest friends.

cred: What do you want to achieve while interning at cred?

HM: I want to get more experience in the PR and communications industry! Being event specific, cred is so unique and niche that it gives you more insight on events than other firms.

cred: If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

HM: Quesadillas with chips and guac all day every day.

cred: Can you give us one interesting fact about yourself?

HM: I met Nick Jonas in high school.

cred: What is one thing you want to accomplish in the next five years?

HM: I want to make San Francisco my permanent residence!


Time to Cast your Votes: SXSW Panel Picker is Live!

SXSW cred blog post.png

Each March, 70,000+ people head to Austin, TX, for SXSW, but did you know the festival and conference gives the public a say in deciding who will appear on its stages? Through PanelPicker, you can vote for the conference sessions you’d most want to see at the event. cred submitted our clients in 15 sessions this year, covering a range of topics from cryptocurrencies and AI exoskeletons to diversity behind the camera and using data for good.

You can explore all our sessions below. We’d love if you voted for your favorites; PanelPicker closes August 30!

cred Client: Ayasdi
Trust Challenge: Why Explainable AI is not Enough

cred Client: Foundation Capital
Unlocking the Blockchain Trilemma
Watch out Silicon Valley: Rising LATAM Rech Scene

cred Client: Hawke Media
Where’s My Money? Surviving Shifts in Advertising

cred Client: Mighteor
Women in Film Behind-the-Scenes

cred Client: MuteSix
For Women, by Women, Knowing Your Audience

cred Client: Olivela
Innovation in Retail & Purpose: CARE & Olivela

cred Client: Periscope Data
Strategies for the Diversity & Inclusion Journey
Data for Good: Conversation with Crisis Text Line

cred Client: Ripple
Blockchain Behind the Hype: The Ripple Effect

cred Client: Selligent Marketing Cloud
Marketing in the Era of the Entitled Customer

cred Client: SoulTour
Working with Soul: Ritual Designs in the Workplace

cred Client: Voicera
Powering Productivity at Work with AI Exoskeletons
Behind the Intelligence: Active and Passive A.I.

cred Client: 500 Startups
Made in China: Crypto, Exchanges, Trust and More


Cheers for Three Years of #cr3d!


It’s hard to believe it’s been three years! We started cred with a vision to connect passionate speakers to opportunities to build thought-leadership. To date, we have confirmed 1,800+ speaking opportunities for our clients to speak at events located all around the world! It’s amazing to see how far we’ve come at achieving that mission and so much more.

We’ve grown our team to a healthy 17 (and still growing). We've built a data-base of over 7,500 events from scratch, helped over 200 speakers connect with engaged audiences, and are launching our first official internship program this summer, too. In 2018, a huge focus has been to grow the Event Management side of the company and we are happy to report that we have been super busy working with multiple clients to coordinate and source speakers from one-day summits to multiple day conferences (with 27 under our belt to date).

cred works hard, but we also know how to party!

We celebrated our Third Birthday in style at Neyborly Union Square, a modern and chic art gallery here in San Francisco. The team shared stories of the company’s conception and spent time basking in nostalgia as we recalled memories from the past three years. It truly is something special to work at a successful company with such an accomplished group of individuals. Our three-year-old-selves would be proud!


¡Holy guacamole! cred turns 2


It’s hard to believe, but cred celebrated its 2nd birthday last week!

How’d we celebrate? We started by combining two of our favorite things: margaritas and man’s best friend!

On May 5 (it’s true - our birthday falls on Cinco de Mayo), the cred crew hosted Mutts & Margaritas - a “nacho ordinary” happy hour and bake sale for everyone at 600 California WeWork.

Complete with photo props, custom Snapchat filters, and lots of four-legged furballs, ~120 people attended, making it WeWork’s largest happy hour to date. The team also sold a variety of homemade baked goods and raised close to $200 for a local SF animal shelter, Family Dog Rescue. (Fun fact: Kyle, cred’s Events & Operations Specialist, adopted Seymour, a blind/partially deaf Border Collie, from FDR last year.)

With two successful years under our belt, the party is just getting started!

Cheers to a great team and many more trips around the sun.


Yes, We Like Piña Coladas! (#credDoesCabo)


2017 has already been quite a year for cred - we’ve secured 850+ events, expanded the event management side of the biz, and seen a record number of referrals.

As a result, one SF afternoon in February, Executive Director Caitlin and Managing Directors Steph and Laura walked into the office, bumping “Escape (The Piña Colada Song)” with ice cold Coronas in hand.

The reason? A very unexpected announcement that the entire team would be going to Cabo! Cycling through stages of surprise, disbelief, and sheer excitement (but mostly disbelief), the rest of us were ready to spontaneously combust.

A few weeks later, we traded fog for sunshine and jetted off to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico for a long weekend. Not only did we have the chance to fit in some much-needed R&R, but it was a great team-building opportunity as well.

When we weren’t hanging out by the pool or catching a few rays, we took the time to really reflect on everything that’s brought cred to where it is today. We discovered the perfect team meeting location: Beachside with chips, guac, and margaritas; and also learned some fun facts about one other, including:

  • Managing Director Stephanie once had a pet gecko named Winston. (She later ended up getting a henna of him!)

  • Client Relations Jr. Associate Roya is a brown belt in karate.

  • Executive Director Caitlin and Events & Operations Specialist Kyle were both elected Senior Class President in high school.

  • Client Relations Jr. Associate Ariana has mad pool volleyball skills.

The ideal team meeting location...

The trip definitely left us refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to accomplish our next goal:

Confirming our 1000th event!

(Stay tuned.)


2016: A Year in Review


A look back at 2016 and a look ahead to 2017.

To start things off, we'd like to say thank you to those of you who made 2016 special. Our team believes in one another and the impact of thought leadership through speaking, but it’s an even more incredible feeling knowing our clients also value the work that we do and believe in us too.

Team Huddle

In 2016, more referrals came through the door than ever (always a good sign). Additionally, cred secured its 500th event - and as of this blog post, JUST secured its 700th! Talk about traction. 

While we’re listing some cool achievements, cred also won WeWork: California Street’s Halloween costume contest and holiday office decorating competition. All in a day’s work, as we like to say. (Major props to Kyle, our Director of Decor, for bringing home the W!)

cred 101 Dalmatians

In 2016, we really honed in on what works well, as well as strengthened and expanded upon our relationships with event organizers:

“Thanks for sending in so many great speaker suggestions. You really nailed what we were looking for.”

“You’ve obviously taken the time to study [our] format, tone and requirements and seem to be hitting a home run on proposals submitted for different clients.”

“Still can't believe how many folks you represented for [these] proposals. Really great stuff across the board.”

Looking forward to what 2017 has in store!

Stay tuned.