Controlling the Chaos: A Discussion on Crisis Management at CrisisCon 2019


Last Thursday, Greenbrier hosted its second annual CrisisCon at Fort Mason’s Cowell Theater in San Francisco. From managing the nitty gritty logistics to on-site execution, our event management team was lucky enough to be a part of it all.

The conference’s agenda was jam-packed with incredible speakers from leading companies⁠—Zillow, Eaze, Lime, Franklin Square Group, and former Obama administration staff, just to name a few⁠—with backgrounds in public affairs, politics, crisis management, and communications. Experts discussed some of the biggest crises to hit the news and provided insight on preventing, managing, and recovering from a reputational crisis—tackling topics about responding to public and employee critique, communicating with reporters, resolving false information in the media, and recovering from tarnished brand identity.  

Andrew Vontz, head of communications at Strava, reflected on how he and members of his team managed public critique after the platform was blamed for exposing military bases and patrol routes. Public affairs expert Peter Ragone discussed the PG&E outages that recently affected thousands of homeowners across California.

New York Times Justice Department Reporter Katie Benner moderated the event’s keynote fireside chat between Dan Pfeiffer, co-host of Pod Save America and former Obama senior advisor, and Jim Messina, president & CEO of The Messina Group. The panel shared their experiences navigating crisis in the White House. Katie relayed burning questions from the audience, while Dan and Jim offered their insights on remaining calm during concerning moments of chaos. 

Following the event’s captivating content, attendees enjoyed a networking reception overlooking the iconic Golden Gate Bridge amidst beautiful panoramic views of the sunset.  

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Forecasting: Seasonality and Trends in the Events Industry

Forecasting: Seasonality and Trends in the Events Industry

One of the questions I get asked frequently after telling someone about the work we do at cred is, “When is your busy season?” That’s usually my cue to laugh because, well, when isn’t our busy season?! 

While we do work year-round to build speaking platforms and plan events for clients, there are times of the year when we’re more likely to be engaged in trends that are directly related to the seasonality of the events industry overall. 

We track thousands of conferences across multiple industries, including social impact , fintech, health, and many others. Now that we’ve hit our 4-year milestone as a company, we’ve been able to look back and identify trends year over year to determine which months are the busiest for events and how we can forecast the processes to get speakers on stage.

Developing the Women Leaders of Tomorrow at the GUILD’s Serendipity 2019


A classic scene from The Sandlot echoes across generations: Ham and Phillips on a baseball field, dueling it out in a war of words. A string of insults bubble up into one final blow, the comeback to end it all: “You play ball like a girl.

If only Ham or Phillips could be so lucky.

Last week, we had the pleasure of attending the GUILD’s annual women’s summit Serendipity. Held at the General’s Residence at Fort Mason in San Francisco, the one-day conference gathered women across diverse backgrounds and experiences to share their inspiring stories on entrepreneurship, leadership, investing, and emerging industries. 

With an agenda packed with workshops, experiences, 1:1 mentorship, and engaged talks, Serendipity offered attendees the opportunity to curate their own schedules and address individual needs for personal and professional growth. The energy of the venue radiated an inviting atmosphere, bringing together an exciting mix of backgrounds and a feeling of mutual support among the attendees. If you weren’t in a conference room attending a session, there was ample opportunity to network and engage with fellow attendees and women professionals.

Serendipity kicked off the morning with workshops tackling challenges felt by many emerging professionals today—from effective techniques to reduce stress to networking for introverts. The agenda continued with panels and talks from inspiring women across industries including tech, food, health, and investing.

Sara Holtz, host of podcast Advice to My Younger Me, led an intimate workshop about the power in pushing back, and how saying “no” is a critical work and life still. She shared specific advice on how to confidently and effectively say “no,” and questions we can ask ourselves to make sure our decisions mirror our values and prioritize our wellbeing. 

“What are you giving up by saying ‘yes’?” — Sara Holtz

Lunch was sponsored by catering company Chewse, whose founder and CEO Tracy Lawrence spoke on panel discussing “The Future of Food.” Tracy spoke alongside Copia Founder and CEO Komal Ahmad and BiteUnite Founder Patta Arkaresvimun, with Parsnip Founder and CEO Sally Rogers as moderator. The panelists shared their perspectives on using food to connect to communities, addressing touchpoints from catering to cooking to food waste management.

The day continued with engaging talks from speakers such as Hint Founder and CEO Kara Goldin, who chatted through her journey on fighting for consumer rights around clean water, and Spero Ventures Partner Ha Nguyen, who discussed how to think like an investor, and the dos and don’ts when raising capital.

The day celebrated, educated, and inspired us in the power of women, and left us with the drive to harness our own strength to become better leaders of tomorrow—proving that perhaps, in baseball and in life, it isn’t so bad to play ball like a girl.


Connecting the Data Dots at Synapse 2019

Connecting the Data Dots at Synapse 2019

If the future is a future without cars, parking garages will make pretty cool event venues (or office spaces, like cred client @PeriscopeData’s HQ). 

This past week, Segment held their annual user conference Synapse—a two-day conference with more than 30 sessions focused on how to harness your customer data effectively and use that data to grow—at SVN West (a converted parking garage).

KNOW Identity Forum San Francisco: The Future of Digital Identity Platforms

KNOW Identity Forum San Francisco: The Future of Digital Identity Platforms

This past Tuesday I had the pleasure of sitting in on the KNOW Identity Forum San Francisco, a series of one-day intimate discussions hosted by  One World Identity. Throughout the evening, digital Identity specialists shared their thoughts on the past, present, and future of identity in business. 

Tackling the Future of Computing at the MIT AI Conference


This past weekend, the MIT Club of Northern California (MITCNC) hosted its third edition of the MIT AI Conference at the Crowne Plaza in Palo Alto. From the initial stages of planning, to on-site management, our event management team was lucky enough to be a part of it all.

This year’s event focused on “The Future of Computing,” bringing together more than 35 experts on artificial intelligence from varying industries. Discussions ranged from exploring how AI is leveraged across a multitude of industries, to discussing top-of-mind challenges and controversial implications AI may have on the world.

Kyle Vogt, Co-founder and CEO of Cruise (and a fellow MIT alum), kicked off the day with a riveting keynote discussing the latest advances of AI within the transportation industry, which left the audience inspired and energized. Following Kyle’s keynote, other transportation industry leaders from Lyft, Uber, and Zoox took the stage to dive into a deeper discussion on AI and the future of autonomous vehicles. Panels throughout the day were not shy to look at AI from all perspectives, including from a privacy and ethical standpoint. 

Sessions were jam-packed with attendees eager to hear from leading experts. MIT alumni also had the chance to network and mingle during the session breaks over espresso and ice cream! 

The MITCNC team wrapped the day with the infamous AI Idol competition, where startups pitched their innovative companies to a panel of judges made up of investors, angels, and entrepreneurs. Attendees were at the edge of their seats as companies such as Brain of the Store and Locomation took the stage. At the end of the day, Subtle Medical won over the judges and the crowd, with their compelling technology to improve medical imaging efficiency and patient experience—reminding everyone the positive impact AI can and will have on the world. 

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credTen: Top 10 Conferences in Social Impact

credTen: Top 10 Conferences in Social Impact

According to a recent study by Cone Communications, 87% of Americans will purchase a product because a company advocates for an issue they care about. More than ever, consumers are “voting” for causes with their shopping carts and using their purchases to engage with value-based companies.  But how does a company grow and succeed at the crossroads of profit and positive social impact?

In this edition of our credTen series, we’re highlighting 10 events dedicated to social impact and how to thoughtfully combine purpose with profession.

Give It Your Best Shot: Event Photography Tips for Cell Phones


Did it really happen if you didn’t post about it? 

Taking photos at events is nothing short of difficult. Between the packed audiences, dark rooms, and speakers in motion, it can be hard to get the perfect shot. 

Here are a few tips to take your cell phone photos to the next level, so you can stop worrying about how good your photos look, and focus on the content you want to share.

  1. The early bird sits up front: Don’t be afraid to get there early to scope out the stage and find the best place to take a photo. If you arrive before the other guests, you can position yourself to get the shot without worrying about stepping over people. 

  2. Plan your shots ahead: Prep a shot list before you arrive so you know exactly what you want to capture. Events can be overwhelming and exciting. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and end up leaving the event without any photos. Brainstorming what scenes you want to capture ahead of time can ensure you leave with a variety of thoughtful images to document your experience.

  3. Light it up: Lighting can make or break a photograph. It can be tricky to find good lighting—especially during conferences that are often dimly lit or have colored uplighting. In these situations, try tapping on different areas of the image on your screen and see how this affects the light in the photo. If this doesn’t work, consider using your phone’s flash. This is helpful when you’re capturing close-up subjects, such as people at the event or table displays. 

  4. Lights, camera, ACTION: A great way to remember the event is to get action shots of the other attendees. Snapping pictures of crowds in the room and people you meet with help you capture the experience and network with others. Sharing these photos will also give your followers a great idea of the overall energy at the event. 

  5.  Enjoy the content: At the end of the day, you are there to ENJOY the content and leave feeling inspired and motivated. Take the time to snap a few photos, but don’t forget to unplug and focus on learning something new.