Jeremy Stanley, VP of Data Science

Jeremy Stanley has built and lead several data science teams. He is currently head of data science at Instacart, where he works closely with data scientists who are integrated into product teams to drive growth and profitability through logistics, catalog, search, consumer, shopper, and partner applications. 

Previously, Jeremy was chief data scientist and EVP of engineering at Sailthru and CTO of Collective. His background in data-driven technology products spans a decade consulting with numerous global financial services firms on predictive modeling applications as a leader in the customer analytics advisory practice at Ernst & Young. He also holds an MBA from Columbia University.


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Collision: 2019

Web Summit: 2018

Fresh Forward: 2018

Path to Purchase Expo: 2018

Opentalk Summit: 2018

Northside Innovation Festival: 2018

Hustle Con: 2018

DataWorks Summit San Jose: 2018

Designers + Geeks: 2018

Slush Helsinki: 2018

UX Design Summit: 2018

IIA Analytics Symposium: 2018 2018

IBM Index: 2018

The Montgomery Summit: 2018

Machine Learning Innovation Summit: 2018

Product Management & Innovation SF: 2018

Berkeley DataEDGE: 2018

Shoptalk: 2018

O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference: 2018

MIT Club of Northern California Data Science for the Enterprise: 2017

Launch Festival: 2017

Northside Innovation Festival: 2017

Traction Conference: 2017

AI Briefing: 2017

USF Data Institute Conference: 2017

Piper Jaffrey Consumer Conference: 2017

Forbes AgTech Summit: 2017

BASiS Conference: 2017

GeekWire Summit: 2017

UC Berkeley Data Dialogs: 2017

CGA Strategic Conference: 2017

Startup.ML Conference: 2017

Path to Purchase Expo: 2017

G-Summit: 2017

MobileBeat: 2017

RetailTechCon: 2017

UX Next: 2017

Slush: 2017

A-ha!: 2017

GPU Tech Conference: 2017

O'Reilly AI Conference SF: 2017

MIT Spotlight: 2017

IE Machine Learning Innovation Summit: 2017

Columbia Data Science Society: 2017

NYU Data Science Institute: 2017

Columbia MS in Applied Analytics: 2017

Berkeley DataEDGE: 2017

Machine Intelligence Summit: 2017

MIT Tech Conference: 2017

Applied AI Conference: 2017

DataEngConf: 2017 

RIS Retail & Consumer Goods: 2017

RampUp: 2017

Data Science Popup: 2017 

MITX Data Summit: 2017

Chief Data Scientist Forum: 2016 

AI World: 2016

Analytics Summit SF: 2016

FirstMark Data Driven: 2016 

NYC Strata + Hadoop World: 2016

NYC Wrangle Conference: 2016 

Domino Data Labs: 2016

Data Mining Meetup: 2016

MIT Unconference SF: 2016

DMA Marketing Analytics Conference: 2016 

Berkeley BIDS: 2016

Data Science Lecture: 2016 

Kaizen Data Conference: 2016

FirstMark Tech Summit: 2016

Open Data Science West: 2016