caitlin bartley


With over 10 years of Event Marketing and Branding experience, Caitlin started cred to focus on something not many others do: to build thought leadership through events. Now, cred has worked with over 200+ speakers across 1000's of events in every industry, worldwide. Previously, she was the first marketing hire at LiveRamp and spent time in the land down under working at an agency in brand strategy.

candid questions with caitlin:

What's a fun fact about yourself?
I am a certified Group Fitness Instructor and teach classes (strength, spin and dance) at the gym in my free time!

What's one of your favorite things about cred?
THE PEOPLE. Hands down. 

Looking at life to this point, what's something you're really proud of?
The amount of individuals we've impacted by working with hundreds of Speakers and giving them a platform to share their passions and expertise.

Let's talk about snacks... what's your guilty pleasure?
"Um, is there SUGAR in maple syrup?! Then Yes!" Oh, and Peanut M&Ms (preferably in holiday colors).

focus @ cred: Caitlin oversees all Client Accounts and success and focuses on the Events side of the business. She also manages company operations - including culture, marketing, and recruitment.