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Women@DockerCon 2019: Issues and Opportunities Facing Professional Women Today


This week, I attended the Women@DockerCon Summit, a private forum for women in tech to connect, discuss, and engage with each other, at Moscone West in San Francisco. This Summit preceded DockerCon, a 3-day technology conference organized by Docker, Inc., and brought together women (and a handful of curious men) in tech in a space where they could freely discuss the issues and opportunities facing professional women today. The event included a workshop and two panels complete with a stage full of lady bosses.  

Women@DockerCon allowed attendees to share their success stories, voice their concerns, and ask for help in a room of supportive strangers. Everyone—from pioneers in the modern women's movement, to the software development directors, to the participants in the audience—had something impactful to say about their experiences while working as a woman.

Communicating with Presence

“Half the people have Imposter Syndrome, the other half don’t know what they’re doing.”

Have you ever felt like a total fraud and that at any moment everyone around you was going to realize how little you know? Good news—you’re not alone! Francine Gordon, a professor at Santa Clara University has spent years working with women who consistently doubt their abilities, a sure sign of imposter syndrome. She explained that, like a duck swimming, you see the movement, but not the vigorous peddling underwater—everybody is working equally as hard, you just don’t see it!

Francine’s workshop began three questions:

  1. What situations trigger your feelings of being a fraud?

  2. What have you held yourself back from because you felt like a fake?

  3. What has been the most effective way of managing these circumstances?

One participant shared that she makes sure to speak up within the first 10 minutes of a meeting. She uses this tactic to hold herself accountable and ensure that she doesn’t succumb to self-doubt. Another shared that she was hesitant to ask the dumb questions in an important meeting, but she wished she had after Bill Gates came in confidently asking all the “dumb questions” she was thinking.

Investing in an Inclusive Future

Next were the panels where a wide range of fields were represented, such as venture capital, human resources, insurance, and more. They spoke on best networking practices, how to handle awkward situations in the workplace, and what they’re excited about going forward in their careers.


XFactor Ventures Investment Partner Erica Brescia focused on investing in companies with at least one female founder. She built her network by leveraging supportive communities like the Female Founders group on Facebook.

Angel investor Susan Kimerlin shared the best way to learn about your industry: finding somebody doing something interesting and seeing how you can help.

Backstage Capital Director Brittany Davis is excited about seeing a positive trend in female founders at the companies she’s investing in.

Working While Female

CloudBees Senior Director of Global Human Resources Ellen Thorne explained that surrounding herself with a highly technical team allowed her to build important skills that wouldn’t have evolved otherwise.

New Relic Senior Director of Customer Marketing Cynthia Hester shared her best kept secret, “saying ‘thank you’ is the best way to say ‘no’ without pissing anybody off.”

Cisco Vice President of Global Marketing Aruna Ravichandran mastered the art of calculated risk, even if it meant taking a demotion and leading her family to think she was having a midlife crisis.

Liberty Mutual Insurance Director Honey Williams recounted how working at Subway and later dropping out of the AirForce sounded like failures, but those experiences taught her that you can’t be scared to make the decisions that are right for you, even when everyone around you tells you otherwise.

Being surrounded by so many powerful, bold women at Women@DockerCon reminded me of how much we can accomplish if we join forces and help each other take the next right step.


ProxSummit Recap: The Future Is In Close Proximity!

Update: 9/17 - check out the action! Unacast's Video Recap is live:


Yesterday, the top 80 Industry Leaders shaping the future of Proximity Marketing came together to create the First Annual ProxSummit, presented by Unacast. We’ve been working with Unacast, the largest proximity marketing platform and global network of proximity sensor companies, to host ProxSummit 2017 - an event highlighting the shift in location data usage to help people understand their connection with the world around them. If that mere concept doesn’t get you excited, the list of top industry speakers certainly will.

This was the inaugural summit bringing in innovators from the advertising and marketing field that were seeking to understand the surge in investments and interest in location-based marketing technologies. The conference advocated for transparency in this specific field, and attendees had a chance to understand the psyche behind accurately approaching innovation through a location-based lens.

Fun fact: The predicted estimate for location-targeted ad spending in 2021 will be approximately $32.4 billion. Our outlook on our day-to-day interactions with places and spaces is about to drastically change as we see growth in technology utilizing location-based data. Yet, what is the value of location-data? What are marketers prioritizing? What does the future hold for this sort of access to knowledge in terms of privacy? All these questions were open for discussion at this year's ProxSummit.

With four separate sessions dedicated to understanding the relevance of location and proximity, one of our favorites had to be “Do You Know Where Data Comes From?" moderated by Street Fight’s David Card. Jeff White (Founder & CEO of Gravy Analytics), Harry Dewhirst (President of Blis), and Brian Handly (Founder of CEO of Reveal Mobile) discussed the role of transparency around the source for data collection in accurately targeting and catering the market.

ProxSummit was held at the beautiful Midtown Loft & Terrace in downtown Manhattan, a rooftop venue overlooking the skyline. Check out some of our favorite highlights:

Event Spotlight: Sales 3.0 Conference

On September 18th and 19th, one of today’s leading sales leadership events, the Sales 3.0 Conference, will be held at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.

Sales 3.0 addresses all aspects of the sales organization. Speakers will address leadership insights, daily sales management challenges, alignment with marketing, sales enablement, sales strategy and execution, customer management, coaching sales reps, the latest industry research on sales effectiveness, and much more.

Between the keynotes and breakout sessions, there's abundant opportunity for networking and demos of the latest sales tech. The event concludes with a complimentary cocktail reception allowing speakers, sponsors, and attendees to get together and mingle.


Register for the event here, using SPEAKERV to receive 50% off your registration price.

South by Southwest: The Countdown Begins

Thirty years later, what was once a local music festival has transformed into an utter phenomenon as one of the largest, most influential technology events in the world. SXSW is iconic in today’s tech scene, spanning music, film and technology - it is one of the few conferences bringing together hundreds of powerful speakers and thought leaders across all walks of life.

Kicking off in one week is the SXSW Interactive Festival, a portion of the conference that features emerging technologies and innovative startups. This year, we’re excited to have secured speaking engagements for Tim Chang, Partner, Mayfield Fund, and Aarthi Ramamurthy, Founder & CEO, Lumoid.

The two will be joined by Steve El-Hage, Founder & CEO, Massdrop for a panel discussion on how eCommerce can still be successful despite the threat of Amazon, as well as how the “access over ownership” mentality has impacted retail. Check it out:

Future of Retail: The On-Demand, Peer Economy

Monday, March 13, 2017 at 9:30 – 10:30 AM

Retail, meet collaborative consumption. Pioneers of the sharing economy, like Zipcar and Airbnb, understand today’s consumers: we want access over ownership, and we want it now. More and more brands are tapping into this technology-impelled model for retail, offering services like peer-to-peer closet-sharing and the option to try-before-you-buy products. It’s a nod to the immense purchasing power of millennials–– and their unique perspectives on consumption. It’s also a sweeping transformation of the retail experience.


  • Tim Chang, Partner at Mayfield Fund

  • Aarthi Ramamurthy, Founder & CEO at Lumoid

  • Steve El-Hage, Founder & CEO at Massdrop

Interested in any of the other speaker sessions? Check out the full agenda here.

Big Data Showcase at VDC Connect2016

October 6th was an exciting day at the TIME Inc. building in New York City, as nearly two hundred people gathered for Venture Development Center’s first annual VDC Connect2016.

VDCConnect 5.jpg

Some of the biggest data practitioners and industry leaders came together to discuss the future of big data - where it currently stands, who is at the forefront, and the technology used to implement it. Moderated by VDC Chairman & CEO, Dr. Charles Stryker, it was a full day of panels as well as networking opportunities with attendees from AOL, Legendary Entertainment, IBM, Cisco, Avention, and more.

Charles set the stage by giving a big picture overview of what's happening with big data, followed by three panel discussions around companies in transition, analytics, and data implementations. Then, the content closed with three innovative companies taking the stage to present what’s disrupting the big data industry.

VDCConnect 7.jpg

Blake Sitney, CEO of Profound Networks, described how Profound compiles comprehensive databases of routable IP addresses on the internet in order to develop tools and platforms for maintaining, scrubbing, exploring, modeling, and interpreting data. CEO of UberMedia Gladys Kong discussed turning mobile data into actionable consumer behavioral insights. We finished the day off with Michael Hussey, CEO of StatSocial, who gave us a peek into how companies like StatSocial gather deeper, richer profiles of consumers by understanding their social activities, sourced by mining publicly available actions from individuals across the social web.

VDC Connect2016’s speakers and attendees winded down with a seafood platter feast, all while taking in the extravagant views from TIME Inc’s new space.

Another event in the books for the cred event management team!


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cred Clients Eyeing the SXSW 2017 Stage

Next March, thousands of creative minds will descend upon the Lone Star State to celebrate the interactive, film and music industries. SXSW is truly an event like none other!

Each year, SXSW attracts impressive lineups, ranging from artists like Lady Gaga to speakers like President Obama. Competition is fierce and stakes are high to get on the SXSW stage, but you can have a say in who takes the mic!

Here’s a spotlight on four panels we’re excited to see:


Take a look and vote to help these sessions get on stage!


3 Take-Aways From The Digital Growth Summit

May 20th, 2016 - Sunnyvale, CA


Last Friday, cred attended Digital Growth Summit, hosted by MediaLeaders at the Silicon Valley Moffett Towers in Sunnyvale, CA. It was an intimate event, with 35 Digital Leaders from Facebook, Lending Club, Sprinklr, Visa and more discussing tips and tricks, actionable takeaways and real-use cases over the course of 10 compelling themes.

We noticed three key themes prominent in the discussions around Digital Marketing:

1. Make your organization customer-focused. In discussing CRM Best Practices, LiveRamp’s Lindsay Chastain, stressed the importance of making your of data standardization in order to deploy a CRM strategy successfully.

2. Create content that audiences want to consume. Highlighting Instagram and Snapchat, the panelists highlighted the importance of useful content:

3. Be authentic. Be your own toughest critic. While sharing Influencer Campaign Best Practices, Oliver Roup of VigLink emphasized authenticity in campaigns and why companies need to keep content standards high. It can take just one post that feels inauthentic, for instance, a product placement, to drive audiences away.


About MediaLeaders

MediaLeaders hosts Digital Growth Summit events that unite thousands of marketing, advertising and technology professional in LA and San Francisco. From these events, the MediaLeaders team stays on the bleeding edge of word-of-mouth marketing and they use this as their “secret sauce” to coach clients and advise brands on how to connect with their customers.


Event Spotlight: Applied AI Conference





Interested in learning how applied AI is changing the way people connect, work, and live? We’ve got the event for you! Come learn from the experts at the Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference, hosted by Bootstrap Labs.

hackers.ai brings together entrepreneurs, business leaders, researchers, and investors committed to empowering future generations with shared resources, knowledge, and networks in the field of applied AI. Their belief is that “innovation and progress will happen at an accelerated pace in all corners of the globe and that bringing people together around their shared passion for AI will drive positive impact in our world.”

Speakers include Head of Machine Learning at Uber, Founder at SignalFire, Data Science Manager at AirBnB, and Founder of AltaVista, who will be covering topics like smart cities, eHealth, virtual assistants, the connected home, and more.


Register today with the code ‘AAI16tech20’ for a 20% discount!