Tackling the Future of Computing at the MIT AI Conference


This past weekend, the MIT Club of Northern California (MITCNC) hosted its third edition of the MIT AI Conference at the Crowne Plaza in Palo Alto. From the initial stages of planning, to on-site management, our event management team was lucky enough to be a part of it all.

This year’s event focused on “The Future of Computing,” bringing together more than 35 experts on artificial intelligence from varying industries. Discussions ranged from exploring how AI is leveraged across a multitude of industries, to discussing top-of-mind challenges and controversial implications AI may have on the world.

Kyle Vogt, Co-founder and CEO of Cruise (and a fellow MIT alum), kicked off the day with a riveting keynote discussing the latest advances of AI within the transportation industry, which left the audience inspired and energized. Following Kyle’s keynote, other transportation industry leaders from Lyft, Uber, and Zoox took the stage to dive into a deeper discussion on AI and the future of autonomous vehicles. Panels throughout the day were not shy to look at AI from all perspectives, including from a privacy and ethical standpoint. 

Sessions were jam-packed with attendees eager to hear from leading experts. MIT alumni also had the chance to network and mingle during the session breaks over espresso and ice cream! 

The MITCNC team wrapped the day with the infamous AI Idol competition, where startups pitched their innovative companies to a panel of judges made up of investors, angels, and entrepreneurs. Attendees were at the edge of their seats as companies such as Brain of the Store and Locomation took the stage. At the end of the day, Subtle Medical won over the judges and the crowd, with their compelling technology to improve medical imaging efficiency and patient experience—reminding everyone the positive impact AI can and will have on the world. 

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credTen: Top Ten Conferences in Artificial Intelligence

credTen: Top Ten Conferences in Artificial Intelligence

Seemingly overnight, the term “AI” has infiltrated every conversation around data. But looking beyond the buzzword, artificial intelligence is creating impact at scale through advancements in deep learning, machine learning, conversational interfaces, natural language processing and more. The best way to stay up to date on new developments in the field, learn new skills, and network with industry peers? Conferences.

In this edition of our credTen series, we’re featuring the top 10 events in AI.

How’s Your Data Game? An Inside Look at Strata Data Conference


If you are in an industry that touches data and engineering (who doesn’t these days?), there’s no doubt you’ve heard about O’Reilly events and specifically Strata Data Conference (@strataconf). If you didn’t have a chance to attend this year, we’re giving you an inside look at what went down this week when the cred team attended Strata Data at Moscone Center in San Francisco.

Who was on stage?

Only the best and the brightest in the data space, including amazing fierce women leaders.

Amy O’Connor (@ImAmyO) kicked off the main stage content on Wednesday with her keynote on “The journey to the data-driven enterprise from the edge to AI.” As Chief Data and Information Officer at Cloudera, she talked about how the company “drinks its own champagne” by running Cloudera on Cloudera and what they’ve learned on their journey from the edge to AI.

On Thursday, former data scientist and product manager at Airbnb Theresa Johnson (@missjohnson) talked about how she organized uncertainty at Airbnb and why black box models are not helpful. She talked about the internal tools they built to drive an end-to-end metrics forecasting platform, leveraging machine learning, Bayesian inference, TensorFlow, Hadoop, and web technology.

Did it get technical? You bet it did!

On Wednesday, Sonal Gupta, Research Scientist at Facebook, taught us about natural language understanding in task-oriented conversational AI. She outlined a way to do more advanced compositional understanding, which can understand cross-domain queries, using hierarchical representations.

We love seeing our cred clients on stage, especially CTO Sourav Dey (@resdntalien), who always brings his personality to very technical topics. He did two talks this week, I caught his second on Thursday where he talked about how to attack clustered data with Mixed Effects Randomized Forests (MERF).

Who wants some swag? Let’s check out the Expo Floor.

From professional headshots and massages to “techtris” and skee ball, the fun never stopped at the expo.

We were excited to stop by the Okera booth and congratulate them for their win for Most Disruptive Startup. Their platform tackles the hardest issues behind data access and governance across distributed environments.

Sippy cups are no longer just for babies—this one is for WINE! The team at Alteryx must have known cred was coming, this was winner of favorite swag grab of the day. We also learned a bit about the company, which offers an end-to-end self-service platform for data science and analytics.

We also snagged some cool socks and stickers from Talend, a recognized leader in cloud data integration and data integrity.

Last, but certainly not least, we chatted with our good friend Jonathan Symonds, CMO at Minio, about the company’s open source, enterprise-grade, Amazon S3 compatible object storage. Also got some pretty cool T-shirts to boot.

Should you attend Strata Data?

If you fall into one of the three categories below, we definitely recommend you check out the next Strata Data Conference or one of the other great upcoming O’Reilly events.

  • Work in data & engineering? This is a great opportunity to learn the latest and greatest tools in the industry, network with your peers, and potentially snag that next great job.

  • Company with a data science & engineering team? If you’re trying to recruit top talent in the data science & engineering space, Strata Data is the place to connect with prospective candidates.

  • Company looking to better incorporate data into your business? Attend sessions to see the many cutting edge ways data is being applied within companies across industries and visit the expo floor to meet some amazing companies who may be able to help with your data game.

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MIT AI Looks to the Future of Industries


All Eyes on the Future: Three Days of Supreme Content at MIT AI 2018

This past weekend, MIT Club of Northern California (MITCNC) hosted its second annual MIT AI Conference in San Francisco. For two days, MIT Alumni and leading AI experts from various industries gathered at the InterContinental Hotel for a series of fireside chats moderated by VCs and journalists. Attendees were also given the chance to bring their families and experience Kids Day on the third day of the event.

cred worked with MITCNC for months to coordinate the speakers and content for this one-of-a-kind forum on “The Future of Industries.”

Shuja Keen, President-Elect of the MITCNC giving welcome remarks. Photo by Maqsood Hakim

Shuja Keen, President-Elect of the MITCNC giving welcome remarks.
Photo by Maqsood Hakim

One of the most well-attended sessions of Day 1 of the event was  the “Applying AI Research to Production” session featuring Jeff Welser from IBM Research, Richard Socher from Salesforce, and Anima Anandkumar from Amazon AI. The 80-minute chat discussed where their work and research in data science has been taking these leading companies.

Another crowd favorite was the session “Spanning the AI Spectrum”, where our client, Joanne Chen of Foundation Capital, moderated thoughtful questions to Richard Rabbat of Gfycat, Jaime Teevan of Microsoft, Guy Satat of MIT, and Bruce Welty of Locus Robotics with Rory O’Driscoll of Scale VP.

Joanne Chen with Richard Rabbat, Photo Courtesy of Maqsood Hakim

Joanne Chen with Richard Rabbat, Photo Courtesy of Maqsood Hakim

The event wrapped its final day on Sunday with the true future of AI: Children, joining to show off their creativity and technical skills—using briefcases, laptops, python software and immeasurable excitement.

Here is a snapshot of activities:

  • How to Build a Drone- Sponsored by Flybrix

  • How to Build a Self-driving car- Hosted by Curiosity Machine

  • AR & VR Immersion Class Hosted by Upload

  • The Competition Robot of Cupertino Robotics Club on Exhibit

  • The Competition Robot of Missfits All Girls Robotics Team on Exhibit

Check out these photos from Kids Day:


MIT AI was a thrilling conference that left attendees of all ages excited for the Future of AI. We can’t wait for next year!

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Event Spotlight: Applied AI Conference






Interested in learning how applied AI is changing the way people connect, work, and live? We’ve got the event for you! Come learn from the experts at the Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference, hosted by Bootstrap Labs. brings together entrepreneurs, business leaders, researchers, and investors committed to empowering future generations with shared resources, knowledge, and networks in the field of applied AI. Their belief is that “innovation and progress will happen at an accelerated pace in all corners of the globe and that bringing people together around their shared passion for AI will drive positive impact in our world.”

Speakers include Head of Machine Learning at Uber, Founder at SignalFire, Data Science Manager at AirBnB, and Founder of AltaVista, who will be covering topics like smart cities, eHealth, virtual assistants, the connected home, and more.


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