The Eight Best LinkedIn Practices for Your Profile


Standing out on LinkedIn can be a daunting task, especially when there are so many others trying to grasp the attention of recruiters. Your profile’s appearance can either make or break the first impression of you. However, it can be tough to get noticed by recruiters when your profile looks bland, missing creative headers and important information that show you would be a strong hire. 

As two interns, we understand the struggles of trying to get noticed and securing an interview. Here are our top eight LinkedIn tips that improved our own profiles that got us noticed and hired! 

  1. Link your portfolio/resume to your profile. Be proud of your work and show your skills in a tangible or visual way! This shows your abilities in action and demonstrates that you are capable of creating content that is relevant to your interests. With free website and resume makers, such as Wixsite, Weebly, Canva, and even Google Drive, it’s now easier than ever to create a professional and aesthetic resume or website that can be linked to your profile.

  2. Spice up your “About” section. A boring description that lacks engagement keeps you overlooked. The automated LinkedIn “About” biographies are always a good start, but don’t depend on it—develop your own! Creativity is key and makes a recruiter want to know more about you. Keep in mind that you want to be direct and to the point. A profile skim can range from a few seconds or minutes, so be clear, concise and convey functionality. 

  3. Stay engaged. You already keep your Instagram updated, why not your LinkedIn? Stay active online to drive more traffic and views to your profile, but make sure you aren’t oversharing.  Remember, this is to showcase your professional endeavors, not pictures of your pets! 

  4. Use a professional headshot. This is a first impression that can say a lot (or a little) about yourself! Wear appropriate clothing, such a business casual or formal outfit, and have a neutral or natural background. Presentation is everything! 

  5. Showcase your past achievements. Use an active voice and come off as an accomplisher, not a doer. Most importantly, do not forget to proofread your job descriptions. Correct grammar usage makes a difference and demonstrates your literacy! 

    1. Pro-tip: If you tend to struggle with grammar, we recommend downloading the free extension Grammarly to have an extra set of eyes on your writing (as college students, this has been so helpful when sending emails and typing papers as well!). This is also a great place to link projects and work from past jobs!

  6. Ask for references. This is a great boost to your resume, as someone can vouch for you. References only enhance your profile and build the credibility of your skills and accomplishments. 

  7. Grow your network. Expanding your network by adding new connections often allows you to view more opportunities on the site. Easy connection adds are people that you encounter at internships, career fairs, and classes!

  8. Be a team player. We all want to succeed and get hired at our dream jobs! Endorsing friends is a great way to highlight skills relevant to your dream industry. Be cautious to not over-endorse abilities that you do not have. Be honest and transparent. Skills are extremely valuable and reinforce your competence for a job. 

Congrats! Your LinkedIn is in tiptop shape. Follow cred on LinkedIn for more posts like this, career information, and more! 

This credBlog post was written by Vyvy Nguyen and Sheila Tabar, our credSummer interns.