Tackling the Future of Computing at the MIT AI Conference


This past weekend, the MIT Club of Northern California (MITCNC) hosted its third edition of the MIT AI Conference at the Crowne Plaza in Palo Alto. From the initial stages of planning, to on-site management, our event management team was lucky enough to be a part of it all.

This year’s event focused on “The Future of Computing,” bringing together more than 35 experts on artificial intelligence from varying industries. Discussions ranged from exploring how AI is leveraged across a multitude of industries, to discussing top-of-mind challenges and controversial implications AI may have on the world.

Kyle Vogt, Co-founder and CEO of Cruise (and a fellow MIT alum), kicked off the day with a riveting keynote discussing the latest advances of AI within the transportation industry, which left the audience inspired and energized. Following Kyle’s keynote, other transportation industry leaders from Lyft, Uber, and Zoox took the stage to dive into a deeper discussion on AI and the future of autonomous vehicles. Panels throughout the day were not shy to look at AI from all perspectives, including from a privacy and ethical standpoint. 

Sessions were jam-packed with attendees eager to hear from leading experts. MIT alumni also had the chance to network and mingle during the session breaks over espresso and ice cream! 

The MITCNC team wrapped the day with the infamous AI Idol competition, where startups pitched their innovative companies to a panel of judges made up of investors, angels, and entrepreneurs. Attendees were at the edge of their seats as companies such as Brain of the Store and Locomation took the stage. At the end of the day, Subtle Medical won over the judges and the crowd, with their compelling technology to improve medical imaging efficiency and patient experience—reminding everyone the positive impact AI can and will have on the world. 

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Give It Your Best Shot: Event Photography Tips for Cell Phones


Did it really happen if you didn’t post about it? 

Taking photos at events is nothing short of difficult. Between the packed audiences, dark rooms, and speakers in motion, it can be hard to get the perfect shot. 

Here are a few tips to take your cell phone photos to the next level, so you can stop worrying about how good your photos look, and focus on the content you want to share.

  1. The early bird sits up front: Don’t be afraid to get there early to scope out the stage and find the best place to take a photo. If you arrive before the other guests, you can position yourself to get the shot without worrying about stepping over people. 

  2. Plan your shots ahead: Prep a shot list before you arrive so you know exactly what you want to capture. Events can be overwhelming and exciting. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and end up leaving the event without any photos. Brainstorming what scenes you want to capture ahead of time can ensure you leave with a variety of thoughtful images to document your experience.

  3. Light it up: Lighting can make or break a photograph. It can be tricky to find good lighting—especially during conferences that are often dimly lit or have colored uplighting. In these situations, try tapping on different areas of the image on your screen and see how this affects the light in the photo. If this doesn’t work, consider using your phone’s flash. This is helpful when you’re capturing close-up subjects, such as people at the event or table displays. 

  4. Lights, camera, ACTION: A great way to remember the event is to get action shots of the other attendees. Snapping pictures of crowds in the room and people you meet with help you capture the experience and network with others. Sharing these photos will also give your followers a great idea of the overall energy at the event. 

  5.  Enjoy the content: At the end of the day, you are there to ENJOY the content and leave feeling inspired and motivated. Take the time to snap a few photos, but don’t forget to unplug and focus on learning something new.


5 Ways to Practice Wellness at Work

5 Ways to Practice Wellness at Work

Balancing work and wellness sometimes feels impossible, especially when there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. About 23-40% of workers feel stressed, frustrated, or anxious at least a few times a week. Prioritizing wellness and maintaining a healthy work/life balance can decrease those negative feelings and enhance your emotional and physical health.

Incorporating wellness at work can boost happiness, productivity, creativity and your overall health. Here are our top five tips to incorporate wellness into your workday.

Welcome to cred’s New HQ!


After four WeWork locations and much anticipation, we are excited to introduce you to our new credHQ! Nestled at 49 Geary in the heart of San Francisco’s Financial District, our office joins the company of a diverse group of prestigious art galleries, tech, and design professionals all in one building. 

Over the course of eight months, our team put a lot of thought, energy, and time into finding and curating a space that reflects who we are and the values of our organization. From our kitchen to our conference rooms, we had the opportunity to build and design the space to fit our needs from the ground up. Huge thanks to Braun + Adams and Peacock Construction for making it possible.

Our open floor plan makes room for much collaboration across teams—from our speaker management and event management teams, to our team of four-legged mascots Gunnar, Lucy, and Chloe! 

Devoted to all things events, we named our conference rooms after something close to our hearts: the many stages our clients speak on! You can find us having meetings on the Mainstage, Breakout Stage, or Green Room.

Our new office marks an exciting chapter in cred’s growth. We look forward to welcoming clients and candidates to a space that mirrors how far we’ve come and the journey ahead.


SXSW 2020 PanelPicker is Live: It’s Time to Vote!


Last year, cred was one of 73,716 attendees at SXSW! Along with experiencing all things in music and film at the festival, we got a chance to see our clients Mighetor, Foundation Capital, 500 Startups, Ripple, and Voicea, take the stage to discuss topics ranging from the future of work to AI to blockchain.

How’d they do it? On top of having great content, each session went through a round of public voting on SXSW’s PanelPicker—which opens today! Attendees are given a chance to voice the types of panels, presentations, and workshops they’d like to see during next year’s event. For 2020, cred submitted 16 sessions covering topics such as the future of work and cannabis. Learn more about each of these sessions below. 

Rock the SXSW Vote_final.png

Make sure to vote for your favorites before the PanelPicker closes on Friday, August 23!

cred Client: Ceros
Closing the Gap Between IRL and URL Experiences 
Featuring: Getty Images, GumGum, and Boston Content

cred Client: Ripple & Xpring
Blockchain Next Gen: The Rise of the Ecosystem
Featuring: Raised in Space and Coil

cred Client: AnyRoad 
Data x Experiences: Brewing Up Brand Loyalty 
Featuring: Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

cred Client: Chewse 
The Roots of Connection: Growing a Love Company
Featuring: SnackNation

cred Client: Memzy 
Forgettable, That’s What You Are (Until Now) 

cred Client: Mighteor
Gender Equity in Fundraising: the Candor Clause 
Featuring: Sheets & Giggles and Matchstick Ventures

cred Clients: Hawke Media & Lemonlight 
Blazing Trails: Marketing in the Cannabis Space
Featuring: High Times and Arcadian Fund

cred Client: Ada Health
Creating a World Without Health Inequalities 

cred Client: LiveIntent
The Minority Report Podcast 
Featuring: Posture Media

cred Client: LiveIntent 
How DTC Brands Can Survive the Cookie Apocalypse
Featuring: Wayfair and Rue La La

cred Client: Virta Health 
Reversing Diabetes with Continuous Remote Care 

cred Clients: Sisense & 
Why Robots Can’t Replace HR
Featuring: Ike

cred Clients: Voicea & 
Work Smarter Not Harder: Finding Focus at Work
Featuring: Don Vaughn, PhD

cred Client: Strava 
Virtual Races, Real Results: The Future of Running
Featuring: New York Road Runners

cred Client: Sisense 
Behind the Scenes of a Major Tech Merger

cred Client: Zume
Packing Away the Plastic: Earth-Saving Solutions
Featuring: Method and The Ocean Foundation

cred Client: Flexport
Using the Global Supply Chain as a Force for Good
Featuring: Cotopaxi and Bombas


The Eight Best LinkedIn Practices for Your Profile

The Eight Best LinkedIn Practices for Your Profile

Standing out on LinkedIn can be a daunting task, especially when there are so many others trying to grasp the attention of recruiters. As two interns, we understand the struggles of trying to get noticed and securing an interview. Here are our top seven LinkedIn tips that improved our own profiles that got us noticed and hired! 

How to Be So Engaging, Even a Goldfish Will Remember You


Let's be honest: introducing yourself to a total stranger and having a memorable, fulfilling conversation right away seems far-fetched—but what if it doesn’t have to be? Imagine being able to not only overcome the awkward small talk of a first-time interaction, but also turn it into a moment that is valuable and worthwhile for both parties.

We’ve put together some key tips on how to better prepare yourself for the next time somebody strikes you with the question, “So, what do you do?” 

  1. Switch it up: In most settings where you’re meeting new people, it’s common practice to talk about work right away. Knowing this, come prepared with something, anything, better than, “So, what do you do?” Ask them why they do what they do or what their favorite project is currently. Create the opportunity to see a side of somebody that goes beyond a general field of work.

  2. Be human: Maybe you’re at an event and found the perfect person to network with. Do a little background research by quickly checking their LinkedIn profile or listen carefully to them speak. You’re bound to find something you have in common. All of a sudden you’re the closest thing they have to a new friend at this event.

  3. Make big talk, not small talk: Introduce your line of work in a way that leads to a question prompting an even bigger idea. For example, I could say something like, “I connect clients with speaking opportunities to grow their thought leadership. If you had to give a Ted Talk, what would your topic be?” People love to talk about themselves, just give them the chance.

  4. Add more depth to your role: Your title alone is the least interesting thing about your job. Next time you’re prompted to talk about work, mention what you love about your job or a project you’re working on. Energy is contagious. If you’re excited, they’ll get excited not only because what you’re working on is awesome, but because you’re not talking about the weather.

  5. Keep in touch: Did you pay attention to what your new friend said? Great! Now follow up. People love to be remembered. Similar to when you write a thank you note after an interview, leave the conversation remembering something that stood out to you and include it in your follow-up note. People are used to forgetting the details of their interactions the moment they’re over. You’ll stand out by showing you were paying attention.


Tools of the Trade: 7 Apps For Your Next Event

Tools of the Trade: 7 Apps For Your Next Event

So you’ve decided to host an event, now what? Spread the word! There are many different platforms event organizers can choose from, depending on the event size, scale, and budget. We’ve compiled a list of helpful apps to help make sure your event runs smoothly from start to finish.