Rocking with Mayfield at Off the Record


Studio Trilogy - San Francisco, California


Taking place for the first time at Studio Trilogy, Off the Record with Mayfield was a night filled with good vibes and energy. We welcomed over 70+ entrepreneurs for a full day of songwriting workshops and sweet jams.

Mayfield’s vision was to create an atmosphere where invitees could step out of their element and let loose with a 2 hour songwriting workshop. Featuring musical talents like Eoin Harrington, Peter Chung, and Mayfield’s own Tim Chang who rocked the workshops with eclectic views on the synergy between songwriting and starting your own business. For the songwriting session, participants used the “Cut Up” technique, which can be a really fun way of creating unique lyrics without having any previous experience.


The 3 teams then hit the stage and took over the crowd with their own hit singles. From rap verses, to sultry female vocals, and guitar solos it was definitely a night to remember. Friends and colleagues from Mayfield’s network were invited post-workshop for drinks, networking and to cheer on the pumped up performances.

Check out some of our favorite scenes from the night above and be on the lookout for our next event!


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