Big Data Showcase at VDC Connect2016


October 6th was an exciting day at the TIME Inc. building in New York City, as nearly two hundred people gathered for Venture Development Center’s first annual VDC Connect2016.

VDCConnect 5.jpg

Some of the biggest data practitioners and industry leaders came together to discuss the future of big data - where it currently stands, who is at the forefront, and the technology used to implement it. Moderated by VDC Chairman & CEO, Dr. Charles Stryker, it was a full day of panels as well as networking opportunities with attendees from AOL, Legendary Entertainment, IBM, Cisco, Avention, and more.

Charles set the stage by giving a big picture overview of what's happening with big data, followed by three panel discussions around companies in transition, analytics, and data implementations. Then, the content closed with three innovative companies taking the stage to present what’s disrupting the big data industry.

VDCConnect 7.jpg

Blake Sitney, CEO of Profound Networks, described how Profound compiles comprehensive databases of routable IP addresses on the internet in order to develop tools and platforms for maintaining, scrubbing, exploring, modeling, and interpreting data. CEO of UberMedia Gladys Kong discussed turning mobile data into actionable consumer behavioral insights. We finished the day off with Michael Hussey, CEO of StatSocial, who gave us a peek into how companies like StatSocial gather deeper, richer profiles of consumers by understanding their social activities, sourced by mining publicly available actions from individuals across the social web.

VDC Connect2016’s speakers and attendees winded down with a seafood platter feast, all while taking in the extravagant views from TIME Inc’s new space.

Another event in the books for the cred event management team!


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