10 Trends in Event Apps


If you’re wondering what's new in event apps and what attendees and event professionals want, we've got the scoop for you. We ranked app features to establish the most important, and ones up and coming. Here’s the top ten:

  1. Real Time Video - A big percentage of survey participants see real time video as the future of event apps. They want to be able to video stream, upload and share.

  2. FOMO Pills - Apps that have true integration with social media help immerse you in the experience and create powerful FOMO as well as ease it at the same time.

  3. Less is More - Event professionals love simplicity. An app that does fewer things but better is the best kind of event app. It needs to be easy to access, clean, and intuitive. Simplicity removes the barriers and makes adoption easier.

  4. Seamless UX - Many event managers have tried multiple apps and are disappointed with the user experience. Event apps that will be successful in 2016/2017 will feature an easy to use interface for both admins and users.

  5. Privacy - When corporate clients or agencies approach apps they are often concerned with the privacy and data protection. No attendee wants sensitive information to be shared on Twitter.

  6. Event Management - More and more event professionals demand their apps offer event planning and management features on the backend. The best event apps offer convenient tools to manage the event before, during and after.

  7. Easy Pricing - Complexity of price packages is a frustration of many event planners. Apps that will win in the long term will have a fixed pricing structure that's easy to understand.

  8. True Integration - Integration with registration platforms is what event professionals yearn for. The more apps talk to each other, the more they will win event organizers hearts.

  9. Support Excellence - The most wanted apps are those that guarantee one-to-one support for busy event professionals. They'll take any extra help they can get!

  10. Connectivity - If I attend an event, I want an easy way to be able to connect and communicate with other attendees I meet, whether it's through the app, email, mobile or other.






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