Happy 4th Birthday, cred!


At times it feels like it was yesterday, and others like it’s been decades since the seed for cred was planted. I sat down to write this and decided to look at our first ever blog post. What a proud moment realizing that, even though we’ve changed over the years, at our core, we’ve still managed to keep the extreme focus and simple offering we started with 4 years ago; not many can say the same. Sure, our vision and mission have evolved, but our why remains intact: We believe that bringing knowledgeable, passionate speakers to engaged audiences builds awareness and excitement for you and your brand.

After 4 years and successfully placing 320+ speakers in 3,323 events all over the world, we’ve enabled ourselves to think more strategically and bigger about how formal speaking programs impact a business’s brand and position in the market.

Looking back: How cred has grown

  1. We’ve expanded our network. This past year especially, we’ve successfully worked across dozens of emerging industries, including Blockchain, Health Tech, Health & Wellness and HR Tech, with more to come.

  2. Our events management team came in full force. We’ve tripled in size and helped run 58 thought-leadership events around the world.

  3. We’ve created an incredible culture. We’re putting more and more systems and resources in place to ensure we’re investing in our employee’s careers and individual development (and we’re hiring).

  4. We’re becoming the most recognized company for speaker strategy. Some of the top events in the world come to us for our expertise.

Looking back: What I’ve personally learned (free advice for entrepreneurs)

  1. There’s no instruction manual. Or rule book; you learn the hard way—by figuring it out and rolling with it.

  2. Write down what you’re good at, and stick to it. Be honest with areas you’re lacking so you can hire for that skillset and not be a bottleneck.

  3. I’d be bored 9-5. And I think most ‘entrepreneurs’ would be too. Enough said. You better be willing to work hard and care A LOT. About yourself, about others you work with, and about the company.

  4. People are everything. Recruitment in San Francisco is tough, and I’d argue the candidate is interviewing the company more than vice versa. You have to keep your employee's experience and your company culture top of mind, and never outsource/lose sight of it. It should always remain a key part of your role.

I am most proud of the team and culture here at cred. The amount of talent, passion, and creativity each individual brings every day is unlike anywhere else. As we move forward and look to what’s next, I’m excited to see how we’ll continue to evolve in the coming years. Cheers to the next 4!