Tools of the Trade: 7 Apps For Your Next Event


So you’ve decided to host an event, now what? Spread the word! There are many different platforms event organizers can choose from, depending on the event size, scale, and budget. We’ve compiled a list of helpful apps to help make sure your event runs smoothly from start to finish.


Is your event small and on a tight budget? We recommend using the free platform Splash. Splash is your straight-forward event marketing software that allows you to build your event website, send promotional emails, and accept ticket payments. Like most platforms, your capabilities are based on your membership status—the greater your membership, the more perks you’ll be able to enjoy.

Need total control from start to finish? We love to use Bizzabo. This highly customizable platform allows the user to create their event website and app in one fell swoop. Bizzabo allows you to brand nearly every aspect of your event website, from your marketing campaigns, to confirmation messages, to promo codes. Additionally, this platform is great for large-scale events because mass quantities of tickets can be paid via invoice and the event app makes check-in a breeze. 

Day of the Event

Want to get in touch with attendees? MeetingPlay helps you connect with your event attendees. Its activity feed creates a community around your event with personalized content, networking, and forums. You can also utilize MeetingPlay’s RFID technology-infused kiosks to turn your registration process paper-free. Attendees are able to edit badges and adjust their breakout session choice. 

Another key function with this app benefits sponsors. MeetingPlay creates custom pages for sponsors within the app, featuring downloadable assets and links to their website and videos. They also offer ideas to help monetize your event by suggesting certain packages. 

Hoping to encourage more audience participation? “Raise your hand if…” is a common question posed by event speakers, but does a show of hands really yield a legitimate statistic? The Poll Everywhere app has an answer for this dilemma. It allows audience members to participate in the presentation by giving an answer directly via the app, text message, web browser, or Twitter, and the results are ready to display instantly. Speakers have the option of using Poll Everywhere as a standalone polling app alongside their presentation or can integrate it directly into their PowerPoint.

Is your emcee MIA? Similar to Poll Everywhere, offers audience insight, but goes one step further with a twist! This app allows the audience to vote on which questions they most want to be addressed by the speaker. 

Setting up meet and greets? One big reason to attend events is to grow your network. Whova makes growing your network the top priority by allowing users to meet and network with fellow attendees. It implements the event agenda and offers app users the ability to maximize their engagements. You also have the option of viewing key attendees’ social profiles. 


Want to share speaker presentations with ease? How often have attendees left the event looking forward to implementing strategies, only to realize they’ll have to longer than expected for conference organizers to share the slides? Glisser eliminates this common frustration by allowing audience members to download slides quickly for later use. Glisser also allows audience members to like, comment, or share slides to their own social platforms. 

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