Brand Building @ Bowery’s Marketing Summit


This week we were on site with Bowery Capital for their first Leadership Summit of 2019, focused around the role of the marketer. Unlike most thought leadership events we manage, Bowery’s Summits focus on tactical lessons learned from not your industry, but your position, whether it be in marketing, talent, finance, or sales.

From branding to hiring techniques, we were inundated with tactical learnings from some of the best of the best marketers in SaaS. We've summarized our learnings on the day here:

It was clear marketers play a key role within their organization. With an infinite number of possibilities and strategies to experiment with, Clare Carr, VP of Marketing at, showed us how carefully planning your marketing and content strategy helps build a long term, successful plan. She also touched on the importance of pushing back when people try and get in the way of your focus for ‘quick-wins.’

Tami McQueen, Co-Founder at 31South,  encouraged attendees to think outside the box and get creative when building your lead gen strategy. Thought leadership and branding through experiences proves to be much more powerful in amplifying the right leads.

Overall, sessions throughout the day clearly conveyed an underlying tone of the importance of branding. Get your infrastructure set and align your team with your vision and mission, which will ultimately carries through to your messaging, website, sales efforts, and more.

Hope to see you at a future Summit this year!

  • People and Talent Summit on Thursday, June 20th

  • Sales Summit on Thursday, October 17th

  • Finance Summit on Thursday, November 21st


Knowledge Sharing with 100 early Stage SaaS CFOs


Yesterday we were onsite with Bowery Capital, an early stage Venture Capital firm, to help put together the 5th Annual CFO Summit. Bowery hosts these Executive Summits quarterly to provide a forum where early-stage growth companies can come learn from experienced executives. 16 CFOs from leading organizations were selected to discuss extremely tactical, hands-on topics, such as 'Planning for Hyper Growth', 'Understanding the ROI of Investing in People', and 'When to Change Systems Based on Growth/Funding'. Formats included facilitated panel discussions, 'tactical' work-shop like presentations, and roundtable conversations, with the main goal focused entirely on knowledge sharing in your role as a CFO.

The Summit, limited to 100 people to keep it intimate, was a great environment where C-level peers could share actionable business strategies and lessons learned.

Check out some of the highlights below!