Connecting the Data Dots at Synapse 2019

Connecting the Data Dots at Synapse 2019

If the future is a future without cars, parking garages will make pretty cool event venues (or office spaces, like cred client @PeriscopeData’s HQ). 

This past week, Segment held their annual user conference Synapse—a two-day conference with more than 30 sessions focused on how to harness your customer data effectively and use that data to grow—at SVN West (a converted parking garage).

KNOW Identity Forum San Francisco: The Future of Digital Identity Platforms

KNOW Identity Forum San Francisco: The Future of Digital Identity Platforms

This past Tuesday I had the pleasure of sitting in on the KNOW Identity Forum San Francisco, a series of one-day intimate discussions hosted by  One World Identity. Throughout the evening, digital Identity specialists shared their thoughts on the past, present, and future of identity in business. 

credTen: Top 10 Conferences in Social Impact

credTen: Top 10 Conferences in Social Impact

According to a recent study by Cone Communications, 87% of Americans will purchase a product because a company advocates for an issue they care about. More than ever, consumers are “voting” for causes with their shopping carts and using their purchases to engage with value-based companies.  But how does a company grow and succeed at the crossroads of profit and positive social impact?

In this edition of our credTen series, we’re highlighting 10 events dedicated to social impact and how to thoughtfully combine purpose with profession.

Baby Steps: Getting on Stage for the First Time


“Like so many other aspects of the working world, getting into speaking gigs can be a catch-22. You need experience to get the gigs, but you need the gigs to get the experience.”

- Megan Berry, VP of Product at Rebelmouse

Conference Pic.jpeg

When it comes to speaking at events and conferences, expecting to immediately book the biggest gigs or get paid is unrealistic and honestly, not the smartest idea. It’s important to think practical and realistic to start, target the right events for your expertise and audience, and work your way up.

Even the most popular, high profile speakers have had to start somewhere - and with good reason, as the worst place to do your first presentation would be on-stage in front of hundreds of people! Becoming a great speaker requires practice and comes with experience. It means being proactive and investing both time and effort in your message, as well as your speaking strategy.

The result is a ripple effect, as one speaking engagement can open the door to another. Plus, to get into some of those bigger, more established conferences, you usually need past speaking experience. (For those of you who are unfamiliar with the submission process, many applications even ask for videos of you speaking. Without one, you might not even be considered.)

So as Berry says, find the low-hanging fruit first. Not getting enough - or any - inbound requests to speak? Try meetups and panels. “Solo gigs are harder to get than panel gigs.” And there are dozens of meetups and small events happening in every city, every month. You just have to take the time to look for them.

Because remember: it’s a marathon, not a sprint.


For more tips on securing more speaking gigs, check out this article.

Need help getting started? Not sure what events would be interested in you? Contact us at speak@credpr.com.