2016: A Year in Review


A look back at 2016 and a look ahead to 2017.

To start things off, we'd like to say thank you to those of you who made 2016 special. Our team believes in one another and the impact of thought leadership through speaking, but it’s an even more incredible feeling knowing our clients also value the work that we do and believe in us too.

Team Huddle

In 2016, more referrals came through the door than ever (always a good sign). Additionally, cred secured its 500th event - and as of this blog post, JUST secured its 700th! Talk about traction. 

While we’re listing some cool achievements, cred also won WeWork: California Street’s Halloween costume contest and holiday office decorating competition. All in a day’s work, as we like to say. (Major props to Kyle, our Director of Decor, for bringing home the W!)

cred 101 Dalmatians

In 2016, we really honed in on what works well, as well as strengthened and expanded upon our relationships with event organizers:

“Thanks for sending in so many great speaker suggestions. You really nailed what we were looking for.”

“You’ve obviously taken the time to study [our] format, tone and requirements and seem to be hitting a home run on proposals submitted for different clients.”

“Still can't believe how many folks you represented for [these] proposals. Really great stuff across the board.”

Looking forward to what 2017 has in store!

Stay tuned.