credTen: Top 10 Conferences in Fintech

credTen: Top 10 Conferences in Fintech

Fintech technologies are moving at a rapid pace. From faster payments to AI in banking, trends in fintech are uprooting the world of finance and revitalizing the industry from its traditions.

In this edition of our credTen series, we’re highlighting 10 events helping the financial industry stay up to speed on emerging technologies.

Introducing the Knowledge LUMAscape


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Digital media and marketing is a complex, dynamic and often convoluted space and the continuous disruption has created significant opportunities in the market. LUMA is committed to help foster better comprehension of this complex sector with the infamous LUMAscapes that are created to help map the key players in each channel. 

Understanding the ecosystem is essential for all constituents from markets to agencies, publishers, tech intermediaries and investors. The knowledge landscape is LUMA Partners newest attempt to map these various 'knowledge' sources. It can be used an an invaluable tool to all constituents by presenting the key players in each discipline broken out below.

Check out some of the newest disruptors and see how the familiar tech giants are evolving. An exciting space to watch! 


Event Spotlight: Applied AI Conference






Interested in learning how applied AI is changing the way people connect, work, and live? We’ve got the event for you! Come learn from the experts at the Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference, hosted by Bootstrap Labs. brings together entrepreneurs, business leaders, researchers, and investors committed to empowering future generations with shared resources, knowledge, and networks in the field of applied AI. Their belief is that “innovation and progress will happen at an accelerated pace in all corners of the globe and that bringing people together around their shared passion for AI will drive positive impact in our world.”

Speakers include Head of Machine Learning at Uber, Founder at SignalFire, Data Science Manager at AirBnB, and Founder of AltaVista, who will be covering topics like smart cities, eHealth, virtual assistants, the connected home, and more.


Register today with the code ‘AAI16tech20’ for a 20% discount!


Startup Grind Recap


On March 30, we stopped by Startup Grind Silicon Valley (hosted at Pivotal Labs in Palo Alto) and listened in on a fireside chat between Alex Austin, CEO and Co-founder of Branch Metrics, and Scott Nolan, Partner at Founders Fund and early employee at SpaceX. In this 50 minute-session, Alex shared the growth of Branch Metrics from origin to scaling the company to support 1.3B users.

Here are five things we learned:

  • Set a success criteria - know for yourself what success looks like.

  • If you’re having to sell your product too hard, it’s not a good sign!

  • Hyper customer service with early adopters of your product/service will pay you back in dividends. When scaling your product, invest in customer support.

  • Never get in the mode where you feel you can kick back and celebrate; there is always something on fire or broken.

  • Always think about macro trends, where you fit within them and the broader platform that you’re on.

Want more? Watch Alex talk about his story here.

About Startup Grind:

Startup Grind is a global startup community with a mission to educate, inspire and connect entrepreneurs. Every month, they hosts events featuring successful local founders, innovators, educators and investors who share lessons they learned on the way to building great companies. Since its founding in 2010, Startup Grind has hosted 2,000 fireside chats and helped millions of entrepreneurs find mentorship, connect to partners and new recruits and pursue funding.


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